Thai Kozo Banana Paper Takach Paper International has Thai Kozo Banana Paper! Machinemade in Thailand using kozo fibers for the base sheet and featuring banana leaf fibers for inclusions. Used for decorative purposes, book arts, collages, lampshades, and more.   This is another wonderful Eco-Friendly paper. Thai Banana is made...

YUPO Synthetic paper is recyclable, waterproof, and tree-free, with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging, and labeling needs. Its features are: FEATURES: 100% Polypropylene Neutral pH Machine Made Strong Smooth Surface No Deckles Waterproof Its uses are Uses: Offset ...

Kitakata Paper Roll $110.00 Kitakata paper originally created decades ago for the silkscreen process is available at Takach Paper International. Kitakata paper got a great following for many different types of printmaking. The features of Kitakata Paper are FEATURES: 100% Philippine Gampi Fiber Handmade in Japan 4 Deckles ...

Stonehenge 100% Cotton Paper

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Make Art not War Here at Takach Paper International we understand that Artists need to focus on creativity. To enable our customers to create and make beautiful Art we have a wide assortment of Paper. International Papers, decorative papers, printmaking papers, watercolor papers and more! Lets find joy...


-SPECIAL Mix and Match any paper in stock. 100 sheets Bulk pricing 50 sheets to 10 sheets.

- Arnhem 1618 SALE! White or Warm White 245 grams Size 22x30 package price (100) $2.40 package (50) $2.80 10-49 Sheet price $2.90

- Domestic Etching Color Off White 175 grams Size 26x40 package price (100) $2.90 Package price (59) $3.15 10-49 sheet price $3.45
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