Okawara Paper at Takach Paper International

Okawara Paper at Takach Paper International

What is Okawara Paper?

Okawara Paper is handmade of kozo fibers and sulphite. It is a soft, supple, and strong paper. Laid lines are almost invisible.

Sheets are sized, natural white and acid-free, with deckle edges.

Okawara Paper  is Handmade in Japan, 100% Kozo. Ideal for mounting and art work as well as scroll work due to its sheet size.

Okawara handmade paper possesses traditional fine art qualities. Okawara handmade paper got a great following for many different types of printmaking. Let’s talk about some of the okawara handmade paper features.


  • 50% Thai Kozo 50% Sulphite Pulp
  • Very Soft Surface.


  • Printmaking
  • Drawing

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