Perfect week to make art

Perfect week to make art

Takach Paper Company LLC has new printing paper and decorative paper posted to our store every day. See our new store and see for your store at Thai Unru is perfect for the Holidays. This gorgeous paper is translucent allowing light to flow through. Order today and see how this paper can transform a room, a lamp and so much more. Go to www.takachpaper/decorative-paper/ and see for yourself!
Fabulous for the Holidays and any day, you can use as gift wrapping and home decor as well. Visit our store at

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-SPECIAL Mix and Match any paper in stock. 100 sheets Bulk pricing 50 sheets to 10 sheets.

- Arnhem 1618 SALE! White or Warm White 245 grams Size 22x30 package price (100) $2.40 package (50) $2.80 10-49 Sheet price $2.90

- Domestic Etching Color Off White 175 grams Size 26x40 package price (100) $2.90 Package price (59) $3.15 10-49 sheet price $3.45
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