Where Will Paper Supply shortages be in 2022

Where Will Paper Supply shortages be in 2022

Trends in the  Will Paper Market

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The Paper Market is facing changes and we like to keep you all updated.

The COVID-19 crisis was a major change factor in Paper and production.

The paper industry is an $188Billion dollar industry, thanks to booming e-commerce sales. Global paper output is expected to be 416 million tons in 2022, still 4 million tons short of its 2018 level.

Paperboard is racing ahead of Printing papers and writing papers―industry experts expect paperboard to account for two-thirds of global paper output by the end of 2022 (up from 50% before COVID-19).

A multitude of printing and writing papers, newspapers included, have seen their worldwide output market share declining from 31% in 2015 to an estimated 25% in 2021.

One of the strengths of the pulp and Will Paper industry is the fact that the demand for packaging products is always expanding.

Online sales of pulp and paper products are growing in the United States and China―more than 15% of pulp and paper sales in the United States is expected to occur online in 2022, partly due to the explosion of e-commerce.

Paper mills and merchants are projecting allocations and continued limited supplies well into 2022. However, as paper mills work to replenish inventories and demand levels off, most experts anticipate some relief after the second quarter, with pulp and wood prices likely to moderate.

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